Creating a new business

Anyone can fill out an incorporation form but later on, the errors you make during this process can cost you dearly. Entrepreneurs often omit to add in the proper number of directors, forget to attach a share capital, or even fail to issue shares and organize the corporation all together. We offer a preliminary analysis of the various types of businesses available in Quebec. As a second step, we may also assist you in preparing the constituting documents and forms, as well as the legal organization of your business so as to avoid costly corrections later on. Contact us for an informal initial discussion. You may also consider the Business Startup Bundle which includes 3 years of legal assistance.

Contracts and Agreements

There may not be a perfect contract, but there is always room for improvement to avoid legal pitfalls and protect your interests. Whether it be a distribution contract with a supplier, a strategic partnership, a commercial lease or any other business agreement, we will help you review and negotiate your contracts. We can also provide you with a new contract right from the start so as to allow you to better control the negotiation process with the other party and save on legal fees. When it comes to contractual relationships, we make sure that our clients adopt a proactive style, not a reactive one, thus providing them with a significant strategic advantage.

Business and corporate law

While you are busy doing what you do best, we will make sure your business remains on solid legal grounds at all times. Because your business will be affected by many legal related issues, we will be your allies and advisers ensuring you avoid obstacles, solve problems and benefit from available strategies (from drafting corporate resolutions, executing the purchase or sale of a business, preparing shareholder agreements and rollover of shares, to structuring complex corporate reorganizations). Contact us to benefit from the skills and experience we have acquired during many years working in business law; they are all at your disposal without the high overhead fees charged by big law firms.

Custom-made fee arrangements

We are not like other lawyers, we don’t impose a rigid hourly based fee system to every file. We understand the context in which entrepreneurs navigate and, as such, we prefer to start every file with a frank and open discussion on the legal fees foreseen. Since every business is unique, our billing arrangement will be custom-made (hourly rate, lump sum, hybrid, etc.). We seek a long term professional alliance. Mutual confidence on this aspect is thus essential right from the very start. Contact us to discuss your preferred billing arrangement.


Rendered services or delivered goods are not always paid in full, relationships between shareholders may sour to the point of no return, and faulty building maintenance may sometimes result in injuries due to a fall. There are countless situations and disputes which may lead you to undertake legal proceedings against an individual or a business. Similarly, someone can claim such a remedy against you. We have significant litigation experience in various fields of law. Whether representing the plaintiff or the defendant, our main purpose is to help you exercise your rights and protect your interests. We can represent, assist and advise you through every single step of the litigation process. Whether you want to answer a formal notice served by bailiff or undertake legal proceedings against someone, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your litigious situation.


We offer civil and commercial mediation services. In a nutshell, a mediator is a neutral, independent and impartial person that intervenes in a conflict between various parties, to find a fair solution for all involved, thus breaking a deadlock. This approach emphasizes the parties’ actual needs and allows to negotiate a balanced and reasonable agreement, while respecting these needs. This method is fast, confidential, brings mutual satisfaction to the parties, is more affordable than a legal process and avoids a long and costly trial at court. Moreover, for some, it provides the opportunity to maintain or re-establish business relations between the parties. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your current predicament that could possibly be resolved by mediation.


Labour law includes the application of all laws and regulations relating to remunerated. We represent employees as well as employers to make them aware of their respective rights and obligations, draw up employment contracts, advise them on judicial remedies and represent them in exercise their rights. If you believe you have been unjustifiably dismissed or if you want to lawfully end an employment contract, please contact us before undertaking any action that could cause harmful consequences.


Whether it be faulty workmanship, hidden defects or design and construction defects, our significant experience in the broad field of construction law is at your disposal. We represent condo boards as well as professionals in the construction industry. These files are often complex and require specific experience and skills in dealing with various expert opinions and counter-expertise examinations. Whether you noticed a hidden defect, claim unpaid professional fees or simply want to know your rights and obligations as a member of your condo board, contact us to see how we can help you.


Me-Sam-Tardif-MalekSam Tardif Malek

After obtaining a bachelors’ degree in civil law from the Université de Sherbrooke and his admission to the Quebec Bar in 1999, Sam Tardif Malek decided to pursue his studies to enhance his credentials in business law. He thus obtained a second bachelor’ degree in law (this time at Queen’s University in common law, the latter being the legal system practiced in English Canada and the U.S.), as well as a masters’ degree in business law from the Université de Montréal. He has also studied management at the HEC business school and completed the required courses at the Ontario Bar.

Sam spent the first four years of his career practicing in a boutique law firm focused exclusively in business law. His entrepreneurial spirit then lead him to launch his own practice. Like you, he loves the entrepreneurial adventure, it allows him to meet interesting people who share his passion for business and the success of their companies.

Sam’s practice is not similar to traditional law firms. He is fully aware that today’s entrepreneur requires legal advice and services in a flexible and timely manner, the whole within a precise budgetary framework. It’s with this in mind that he provides innovative legal services in sync with his clients’ needs and resources. Our goal is not to impress you with a centennial history or with complex and outdated legal jargon, but to offer fast, modern, focused and efficient legal solutions.


  • École du Barreau du Québec
  • Law Society of Upper Canada
    (i.e. the Ontario Bar)
  • Université de Sherbrooke
    Bachelors’ degree in law (civil law)
  • Queen’s University
    Bachelors’ degree in law (common law)
  • Université de Montréal
    Masters’ degree in business law and intellectual property law
  • Canadian securities course | Canadian Securities Institute
    CSC Certification
  • HEC Montréal
    Courses in management
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (United Nations)
    Certificate in intellectual property


mona-laflammeMona Laflamme

Mona Laflamme first studied chemistry at the Université de Montréal, where she completed a bachelors’ degree in industrial relations. That is where her passion for labour law flourished. As such, she pursued her studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal where she obtained her bachelors’ degree in law. She was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1995.

Her principal fields of practice are civil and commercial litigation, construction law, family law and labour law. She also assists her clients with contract drafting and negotiation, especially in the fields of entertainment and labour law.

As part of her general practice, Mona has represented clients before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal, as well as before specialized courts such as the Commission des relations du travail (Labour Relations Board) and the Commission des lésions professionnelles (Occupational Injuries Commission), these have since merged to form the Tribunal administratif du travail (Labour Administrative Court).

Shareholders remedies, hidden defects, construction defects, construction legal hypothecs, executive dismissals, injunctions, defamation, divorces, separations, motions for child custody/support as well as the homologation of mandates for incapacity are but a few of the types of files Mona has successfully pleaded before the courts.

Despite her vast experience before the courts, she remains a strong advocate of negotiating out-of-count settlements whenever possible, emphasising a strong working relationship with her clients and always looking out for their best interests. As such, Mona is an accredited mediator with the Quebec Bar in civil, commercial and labour fields, as well as with the Court of Quebec.


  • École du Barreau du Québec
  • Accreditation in civil, commercial and employment law mediation
  • Université du Québec à Montréal
    Bachelors’ degree in law (civil law)
  • Université de Montréal
    Bachelors’ degree in industrial relations
  • Université de Montréal
    Minor in chemistry


Mtre Sam Tardif Malek
tel. 514-856-5601 ext. 320
fax. 514-842-4859 
Mtre Mona Laflamme
tel. 514-856-5601 ext. 310
fax. 514-842-4859

Law Blog

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